Tax & Estate Planning

There are many benefits to financial planning and we help clients use the tax system more efficiently.

When it comes to estate planning, we know that our clients are anxious to preserve as much flexibility as they can while trying to minimise the impact of inheritance and other capital taxes on their assets. We can advise on how best to make use of lifetime gifts and other transfers to reduce the effect of capital gains and inheritance tax liabilities on their assets.

Our clients may be encouraged to transfer investments from taxed accounts into their Individual Savings Account (ISA) at the beginning of the tax year and enjoy a whole year of tax efficiency.

We consider how the pension rules can be used to save tax more effectively, particularly for people who earn enough to see their personal allowances are already used.

We also work alongside our client's solicitors and accountants to provide a joined-up approach to managing their wealth in a tax efficient way. And with your professional advisers working together, it allows you to relax and enjoy life more.